Teksystems Employment Agreement

I just read my surprisingly short contract, and fortunately, my contract only says that 180 days after I leave, I can`t look for active employment with the client, otherwise I will have to pay him 400 hours of salary. Yes, it doesn`t look legal, but anyway, I`m not looking for a job with the client. Allegis Group Inc., a Maryland company, and its subsidiaries Aerotek and TEKsystems recruit, review and arbitrate candidates for temporary and permanent positions for clients across the United States. Aerotek focuses specifically on filling scientific, software and engineering positions; Teksystems focuses on information and communication stations. Its clients are the U.S. Department of Defense and other government agencies and contractors. [SHRM-HR Q&A Members: Can an Employer Make Non-Competition and Confidentiality Agreements a Condition of Employment for Current Employees?] Four senior Aerotek executives had to sign restrictive non-compete and non-absolience agreements in their employment contracts. In addition, these four employees qualified to participate in allegis` Incentive Plan and decided to do so. The plan offered employees incentive payments in exchange for the loyalty and protection of the interests of Allegis companies for 30 months after the separation of Allegis or one of their subsidiaries. I left my position after 6 months of an 11-month contract due to similar communication issues. I contacted my human resources officer, I told them that I hated the job and that I had a new one, because they were there for that, they said no, because I didn`t stay there long enough, and if I left, it would make them look bad, and I said that this verbal communication is my fortnight.

I was in a second/third cycle of job interviews at my current workplace when I resigned. I have been under contract by tek systems in the past and it sucked in. A living wage, a horrible position. Read the contract you signed to make sure it had a specific end date, if you had 3 options and 1 of them, I wouldn`t recommend unless you really don`t like it there: 1) Talk to your immediate boss and his boss in your job and see if they would be ready, hire them full-time. 2) If you signed an agreement that had an end date, you have the right to ask for a salary increase based on the fact that you did your part and entered into this contract 3) I do not recommend it unless you cannot get answers (get away from work). In July 2012, Allegis, Aerotek and TEKsystems sued the four former employees for violating their obligations under the Incentive Plan and their employment contracts. . . .