Specific Performance Of Agreement To Sale

“22. It is decided by a long series of decisions of the Indian High Courts that the Court of Justice, which adopts a decree for a given benefit, retains control of the decree even after the decree has been adopted. In mahommadalli Sahib v Abdul Khadir Saheb,[34] it was held that the court that issues a decree for a given service has jurisdiction to extend the time limit set by the decree, since the court retains control of the decree according to which the contract between the parties does not expire by the adoption of a decree on a given service and that the contract exists despite the adoption of the decree. A Pearisundari Dassee v. Hari Charan Mozumdar Chowdhry[35], the Supreme Court of Calcutta, stated that the Court of Justice retains control of the procedure, even after the adoption of a decree for a given benefit, that the decree taken in an appeal for a given benefit is not a final decree and that the appeal must be considered as pending even after the decree…… Fry, in his book[36] on certain benefits, stated the law in England as follows: in cases where the transfer of the capacity to appeal is made by the contracting party and the overdue party then undergoes an implementing decree, the correct form of a decree, as established in Durga Prasad v. Deep Chand[27], is established that the defendant and the buyer must attend the performance. [5] Section 10. Specific service with regard to contracts.

– The actual performance of a contract is imposed by the court, subject to the provisions of paragraphs 11, 2, 14 and 16 In a contract for the sale of land, a given performance may be granted in a claim that began on the expiry of the date of completion of the contract, but before the service of a notification of the full position of the essential. (ii) the applicant must prove performance or the will and willingness to perform the contract in accordance with its actual design. (b) any other exemption to which he is entitled, including the reimbursement of funds or sureties paid by him or her in the event of a refusal of his right to a particular benefit. This article aims to familiarize you with the fundamental principles and important aspects that should be taken into account when researching the specific execution of contracts relating to immobile ownership and related aspects. What factors does a court take into account in deciding whether to grant or refuse a particular benefit Traditionally, equity would only provide a particular benefit for contracts for property whose assets are unique, such as art, estates, etc. . . .