Arctic Council Search And Rescue Agreement

a Party shall without delay communicate to the consular or diplomatic authorities concerned all relevant information relating to the search and rescue of a person. A Party requesting permission to enter the territory of any party or parties for search and rescue purposes, including refuelling, shall address its request to a search and rescue agency and/or the RCC of the party or parties concerned or to Contracting Parties. This Agreement may be amended by the written agreement of all Parties. In particular, three bilateral agreements concluded after 1988 contain a series of provisions almost identical to those of the Arctic SAR agreement. See Sweden/USSR Agreement of 1989, Finland-Russia Agreement of 1993 and Finland-Sweden Agreement of 1993. See also the 1988 agreements between the United States and the USSR. the implementation of joint search and rescue and training exercises; Convention on the Arctic Special Administrative Area, Article 7, paragraph 3. The list of air and/or maritime rescue coordination centres, hereinafter referred to as `CBI`, of the Parties for the purposes of this Agreement is set out in Annex III to this Agreement. The aeronautical and maritime search and rescue areas of Canada and Denmark will be delimited by a continuous line connecting the following coordinates: You can also search for this author in PubMed google Scholar Guardian (2012).

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