Star Track Express Enterprise Agreement

Members receive regular updates from the Committee at their shipyards and can also monitor the progress of startrack`s national agreement by providing www.twu.asn.au Article 29 of this agreement, the continuation and protection of the contract for TWU owners at the national level. The contract will be renegotiated early next year. The Startrack National Negotiation Committee has held meetings with company management in recent months through enterprise agreements to discuss your disaster minutes with steady progress. The company also agreed to directly extend the existing terms of the EBA in the new agreement. Startrack`s current offer includes a three-year contract that includes an annual increase of 2 percent over the term of the contract and a bonus of 1 percent per annum based on a final group certificate of members. The new agreement – StarTrack Enterprise Agreement NSW/ACT 2015 Summary Guide to the new Agreement – for employees currently under the On Airport Business Development Agreement (AaE/TWU) 2010 (“On Air”) and the Off Airport NSW Agreement (AaE/TWU) 2011 (“Off”), a new agreement – for employees, answers to frequently asked QUESTIONS regarding the new agreement We have now reached an agreement with TWU and CEPU on the StarTrack Enterprise Agreement NSW/ACT 2015 (new agreement) with TWU and CEPU. You can also request access to the new comprehensive convention and summary guides in: To rest this question, we asked the post office to confirm in writing the commitments below. The TWU has a large membership base among the staff of the national transport and logistics company. The mail`s response is made available to members when they are available. The National Bargaining Committee, which includes Vic/Tas Branch Senior Organizer John Parker and Senior Delegate Clive Dennis, will continue to meet and hopes to finally fulfill its position.

You can access the new agreement, relevant summary manuals and FAQ below: We also asked if Australia Post was considering relocating a business or part of StarTrack`s business to ensure that you receive your ballot when you are on leave, please inform your representative of any changes to the postal address as soon as possible. However, recent briefings by senior postal officials have alarmed some CWU members who are concerned about their job security and future. As a result, the union has received several calls and emails from members asking if they will become StarTrack employees in the near future. Over the past 12 months, Post has integrated Post and StarTrack. CWU National Secretary Dan Dwyer previously promised by Der Post that Post employees would continue to be covered by the salaries and terms of the Australia Post EBA (FWA 2013) regarding the integration of The Post And StarTrack. The formal access period to the new agreement will begin on 20 October 2015, before voting begins on 28 October 2015. The vote will take place by secret ballot and will take place at nSW/ACT during the voting period. Voting is anonymous and you are invited to vote by filing your completed voting form in a specific closed field on your site. A voting form containing an attached envelope is published at home for staff who are on leave for the duration of the election period.