Seiu Collective Agreement Sunnybrook

One of my most personal goals is to hold your employer to account for health and safety and to respect your collective agreement. I would like to support you through negotiations and put an end to the concessions. I want to be more involved in union activities and events! I believe in a work-life balance, and such activities could help our members get involved and relieve some of their work stress. Kevin Hickey Lead Supportative Representative Supportation Referee and Mediation cases For inquiries, contact: k.hickey@seiuhealthcare.ca Michael Guzman Service Bargaining Unit (without nurses) For requests, contact: m.guzman@seiuhealthcare.ca Now we are a collective of more than 60,000 members, we are committed not only to workers` rights, social justice and justice, but also to the protection and improvement of the public health system, Canada. Michael Boschetto strengthens Sunnybrook Health Sciences team as a union representative at SEIU Healthcare. With more than 15 years of human resources experience, Michaels covers the specific areas of industrial and labour relations. After working in unionized environments in municipal government and public health, Michael`s ability to distill collective agreements and manage dysfunctions makes him very effective in managing the dispute resolution process. Kevin Hickey joined SEIU Healthcare in November 2016 as a union representative. Kevin has been familiar with SEIU Healthcare since the late 1970s, his mother SEIU Healthcare RN and Steward at Runnymede Chronic Care. His father was also a member of the BFCSD union, which merged in part from SEIU Local 2.

Raised in a union budget, he has always been interested in labour and employment issues. After graduating from university, he accepted a union camp position (Teamsters 419) at a company that worked at the Ontario Food Terminal in Toronto. After seeing the company director ignore their collective agreement, he gave his name and was elected CEO. We are starting to organize care homes across Ontario. The new collective agreements include pensions, health and safety legislation and language protection. SEIU Healthcare advocates for nurses in Ontario in terms of professional practices, the breadth of practice and standards for the availability of health care workers. Please visit www.seiunurses.ca for important care resources, educational materials and useful tools. Submissions to the Ontario government result in amendments to the Labour Relations Act that ensure a proper arbitration process with hospital staff.