Important Milestones in Our Lives

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There are distinct milestones that occur throughout the life. Chronologically, these milestones are:

1)    Birth,

2)    Puberty,

3)    Marriage,

4)    Death of a loved one,

5)    Retirement, and

6)    Death

It is important to note that the order of occurrence may vary from person to person. For instance, someone may experience death of a loved one before marriage or after retirement. Similarly, someone may choose to get married after retirement. These are various exceptions; however, the pattern remains the same in general.

  1. Birth is the introduction of a person into the world. It is purely a Self milestone. It is characterized by Sensory and Experience.
  2. Puberty introduces certain feelings into the body and enhances other already-existing feelings as well. It is a milestone that connects one’s Self and Others.
  3. Marriage is characterized by a sense of Responsibility into one’s life. A person is unable to understand true meaning of responsibility until he experiences the responsibility of another human being (wife and child). This milestone is a connection between one’s Self, God, and Others.
  4. Death of a loved one brings about an experience of Reality. Human beings develop many realities in our lives from childhood. However, seeing someone close to us die introduces us to the greatest and most credible reality in our lives. This milestone allows us to understand a connection between God and Others.
  5. Retirement introduces a change in our lives. Although we had experienced many changes in the past; however, most of the earlier changes occurred as a result of others around us. Retirement occurs due to our own action and understanding. It affects the connection between one’s Self and Others.
  6. Death is the end of our journey. This is the last milestone that takes place and unites the human Self and God.