Depression – A Self-Help Treatment Module

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Depression can be a very dangerous illness. It affects all areas of our lives and can take over many important aspects of our personal and social domains of life. The topic has been previously discussed in another post.  The purpose of this post is to provide a self-help module of treating depression.

This model was taken from Center for Clinical Interventions, an Australian government agency. It consists of nine worksheets in PDF. They are posted separately and compressed in a single zip file for anyone to download and use.

001 – Overview of Depression

002 – Behavioral Strategies for Managing Depression

003 – The Thinking-Feeling Connection

004 – The ABC Analysis

005 – Unhelpful Thinking Styles

006 – Detective Work and Disputation

007 – The End Result

008 – Core Beliefs

009 – Self-Management

Depression Self-Help (ZIP FILE)