Ohio State University Collective Bargaining Agreement

Staff and labour counsellors conduct objective and in-depth investigations of workplace complaints in many areas, including conflicts of interest, retaliation and workplace violence. Consultants are also investigating allegations of violations of other personnel or higher education guidelines. Studies play a key role in the university`s risk management strategies and practices. Through consultations and studies, the staff and labour relations team provides guidance on key employment practices and laws to ensure a healthy work environment. This site contains many resources for the Ohio State working class community, including collective agreements, union resources and links to union websites. Human Resources also offers formal mediation services. Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process in which a neutral third party helps parties solve problems and resolve them. It is not available for disputes related to promotion and mandate, discrimination, sexual misconduct, gross misconduct/criminal activity, dismissal or federal or national law matters. For more information on intermediation services, please contact (614) 688-5396. The ELR team combines personnel policy expertise with a collaborative approach to providing proactive and strategic services to the university. ElR works closely with administrators, managers and human resources experts to understand the unique needs and objectives of each university and industry.

The ERL also assists in problem-solving, advising and interpreting guidelines, procedures, employment contracts and key federal and regional regulations. Check out HR policies and forms or contact your employment advisor for more information on higher education guidelines. Your advisor can also provide additional resources related to higher education guidelines. Below you will find copies of the Ohio State agreements with associated unions. You can find the last two chords here. Contact Employee and Labor Relations to request copies of previous agreements. PDF files may not be marked and inaccessible. If you need these documents in an alternative and accessible format, please contact hr-web@osu.edu.

For more information on investigations, contact your co-worker and industrial relations advisor. You men also visit rhenite and forms for university policy in relation to study subjects.