Nisa Agreement

Co-op suppliers can now sign a commercial contract that also covers the Nisa business. With this project, DHL will continue its cooperation with Nisa to support the development of the company`s transportation planning system, with a focus on improving supply efficiency while reducing mileage, reducing CO2 emissions and re-developing other opportunities for cooperation. Jim Hartshorne, MD, Retail and Consumer, DHL Supply Chain, added: “This renewal is a fantastic result for DHL and the entire NISA account team who worked tirelessly throughout the last agreement to demonstrate the strength of our partnership. As part of the agreement, DHL will continue to provide storage, transport, facilities and equipment services to Nisa throughout the UK. As part of the agreement, DHL will continue to provide storage, transport and other ancillary services to Nisa across the UK for chilled, environmental and frozen products and will provide 1,400 partner resellers. The agreement should focus on improving supply efficiency while reducing mileage, CO2 emissions and other cooperation opportunities. Nisa`s flexible model offers its retailers an unbeatable range of more than 13,000 SKUs as well as access to more than 2,400 Co-op own-brand products in all categories, offering a recognized brand, high quality for shoppers and good margins for retailers. All this is provided by Nisa`s first supply chain, which distributors can rely on with 99.9% of daily deliveries and 95% of successful deliveries. . Nisa Retail has signed a contract extension with logistics giant DHL until 2023 to continue delivering goods to more than 1,400 of its retailers. CMA has until April 23 to decide whether a Phase 2 probe should be maintained – the move will take place a week before Tesco and De Booker shareholders vote on the proposed $3.7 billion merger. Kerinne Oliver, Nisa`s head of logistics, said: “Nisa has enjoyed an excellent relationship with DHL and has been exceptionally well supported by the ongoing Covid 19 crisis. Nisa offers a comprehensive support package, which includes a strong retail-focused team, an enhanced category management system, a personalized employee training system and a comprehensive marketing package with social media and public relations support, brochures, sales materials, a personalized Nisa FM radio network and national advertising.